Ryan Gerber

Chief Creative

Ryan is an East Coast native who is most happy when strategizing business and technology models and developing compelling user experiences. He came to Seattle after spending a number of years bumbling around the world, juggling and fire-breathing on the streets. He has a wonderfully useful degree in theology and anthropology, and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Human and Computer Interaction. He serves as the chief creative for Naked, overseeing all internal and client projects.


Aaron Davidson


Aaron joined Naked Creative Group in 2013 after spending 3 years in Los Angeles playing keys. Working evenings and weekends until 2014, he gathered his technical skills and business management wherewithal from a few local startups in the Seattle Area. He has sold everything from software, to bamboo, from BBQ supplies, to post-modern alternative rock albums. In his time at Naked Creative, he’s gone from a hobbyist coder with a curious mind to a driven business developer with a knack for saying “yes” too much.

Our Team


Our Team consists of a hand-picked lot of designers, copy writers, front end and full stack developers. We work with a number of clients and investors on a variety of projects. We’re always looking for the next god-like designer, developer or business development specialist. If you’re interesting in joining our team, drop us a line at connect@nakedcreativegroup.com.